Technology and ideas for a world that's on the move...

What we do

Technology Consultancy

Our expertise in Communication and Entertainment Technology as it pertains to the transportation industry has taken us to some interesting, disperse, and secretive locations. Aircraft based imaging systems, high-end entertainment systems and satellite based maritime communication systems are just some of the projects in which our consulting team has been involved.

Third-Party Product Development

We work with out customers to develop complete product suites, from conception to realisation and entry into market. We offer innovative co-financing models, where our success is dependent on the success of our customers. Our communications and entertainment products have done tens of millions of miles, on land, sea and in the sky. There's a good chance that you've sat in front of our work - you just didn't know it was us.

In-House Products

We have a three highly targeted products which we offer direct to market:

  • Communication and Entertainment Platform for public transport and long distance road-based transportation operators.
  • Self-service in-vehicle advertising system for monetization of public transport assets.
  • High-end Video on Demand for charter yacht operators.

How Do we work?

Concept Development

First we work with you to understand the foundations of your opportunity. What is the market, who are the customers, where are the challenges?


When we all feel that everyone has a common understanding of the goal, we turn that idea into a working prototype - something tangible, that will evoke real responses from your target market.

Product & Service Realisation

Now that we've worked out exactly what your product is, we move onto realising your entry to market - identifying suppliers, integrating systems, and developing the software that helps make your USP truly unique.

Strategically Located

Our offices are located in Malta, a few paces from the Mediterranean sea.  Malta’s excellent air and sea connections make it a wonderful location from which to do business.  The views are pretty spectacular too.